Petrol / Gasoline Pressure Washer AGW-HF
  • Robust basic frame with  two big wheels (30cm) for daily use in tough conditions.
  • Large water filter to protect the pump.
  • Thermostat valve to protect the pump from overheating in recirculation mode.
  • 4L built on detergent tank
  • Cable holder and all accessories hung on machine.
  • 5 quick connect nozzles for various kinds cleaning job

The ergonomic frame concept of petrol-powered cold water high-pressure cleaner from the HD Gasoline Advanced range offers a high level of mobility – especially on rough terrain. Protected by its stable basic frame, the machine can withstand use in adverse external conditions. The HOV petrol engine can reliably deliver electricity where no connection is available. And if a water connection is also unavailable, the machine is able to suck up water directly from lakes or ponds and convert it into a working pressure of 210 bar. So that the pump does not overheat or sustain other damage when in recirculation mode, the machine features a thermostat valve and a large water filter. The machine also impresses with its well-designed operating concept, storage options for accessory parts and puncture-proof wheels which guarantee mobility at all times. We offer you expansion options.

Technical data
Technical data AGW-HF-2000 AGW-HF-2700 AGW-HF-3100
Working Pressure(bat/Mpa) 120bar(1740psi) 168bar(2450psi) 193bar(2800psi)
Max. Pressure (bar/MPa) 138bar(2000psi) 186bar(2700psi) 213bar(3100psi)
Working Flow 6.8L/min(1.8GPM) 7.6L/min(2.0GPM) 9.0L/min(2.4GPM)
Max. Flow 7.5L/min(2.0GPM) 8.0L/min(2.2GPM) 9.5L/min(2.5GPM)
Power rating (kW) 4.0HP 5.5HP 7.0HP
Weight without accessories (kg) 23 30 35
Dimensions (L x W x H) (cm) 62x55x60cm 62x55x60cm 62x55x60cm
Load Quantity(20/40/40HQ) 111/234/312pcs 111/234/312pcs 111/234/312pcs
Product List
  • High pressure cleaner on frame x1
  • instruction manual x1
  • clean pin x1
  • spray gun AG475 x1
  • spray nozzle: 0°,15°,40°,detergent nozzle x1
  • 5M hose x1
Optional accessories

Fix brush, Rotary brush, Turbo nozzle, Water inlet hose,Tap connector, HPC connector, Pipe cleaning hose,Patio cleaner

  • Turbo Nozzle

  • 90° Roof Cleaner

  • 130° Roof Cleaner

  • Inlet-Filter

  • Form-Producer

  • 5-in-1-nozzle

  • Inlet-Hose-Adaptor

  • Water-Inlet-Hose

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